Vets Cars


America’s Warriors Shouldn’t Have To Fight For A Great Deal.

Not enough is being done-on any level-for United States Military Veterans and their families. Vets-Cars is an association of auto dealers who have pledged to help us make the above statement obsolete. Your Service Has Earned You and Your Family A Great Deal and a Hassle-Free Experience!

Honesty — Efficiency — Respect — Openness

Proudly delivered at no cost to the Vet!

What To Expect

  • You will be greeted promptly and warmly, thanked for your service and introduced to management.
  • You will be invited to sign your Wall of Honor.
  • Your Vets-Cars sales rep will spend as much or as little time with you as you wish, answering your questions openly and honestly
  • You will be given clear, upfront, no haggle, first price-best price numbers. With new vehicles prices will in most cases be at or below invoice.
  • Of course, you get all other applicable factory incentives. Pre-owned vehicles will be below retail
  • Your trade will be appraised for the very highest amount that the dealer can give you. The valuation will be substantiated
  • You will be introduced to the business manager and will be offered finance options and value added products
  • Your new vehicle will be detailed to your satisfaction and will have a full tank of fuel at delivery
  • You will be encouraged to complete our “After Action Report” satisfaction survey on our website
  • You will be contacted by the dealer within two days to inquire as to your complete satisfaction

What You Won’t Get

  • No games, no bait and switch, no long delays
  • You will not be pushed, badgered, pressured or played with
  • No one will ask you for a deposit to “show you’re serious”
  • No back and forth, no “I gotta talk to my manager”
  • No one will say “Hey Honey, where’s your husband? Don’t you want him to help?”
  • No ‘packed’ payments
  • No surprises at delivery